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Hey, all! I’ve finally decided to fight against my laziness and revamped my main Meyaoi website. This was one of my 2021 resolutions, so it’s nice to see this resolution being achieved in the first month of 2022. The website isn’t that fancy, but it works, so yay for that! I’ll make further changes when needed in the future :p

Along with the website comes a proper blog. I’ve decided to keep a developer’s blog of some sort where I’ll share game progress updates (which I’ll also cross-post to Patreon & Itch) as well as some neat developer tricks that I’ve learned along my game making journey. I hope I can keep this up and at least do a routine monthly post! Why blog? Well, I feel it’s nice to have an archive so I can easily look back on the things I’ve accomplished so far. Oftentimes, I feel like I haven’t done anything significant at all when in fact I’ve done a lot! So, I hope this blog can serve as a reminder.  

The merchandise store is also properly integrated to the website now, which I’m pretty delighted to see. I admit that I haven’t been doing a good job maintaining the store, so I hope that can change hereafter. 

Well, that’s it for our first post in 2022. Hope to post more in the future!

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